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Helping raise awareness about mental illness through art.

Upcoming Albums

tonicSky is excited to announce that we are currently in the process of finalizing our next album!

This album is titled “Life and Love”. You can find a demo copy of it on tonicSky’s bandcamp page.

You can stream it for free, or, for a limited time, can download it for a $5 (or more) donation. These donations help keep the project going, and help with purchasing merch and marketing for our music and message – “Helping raise awareness about mental illness through art.

Any feedback on the demo would be great!

Tour dates for the new album, as well as a final release date soon to come.

Thanks for listening and supporting missionMentalHealth!



“Bro!!! That beat, I started to get chills than bam hit it with the phycadelic melody I was like yes I’d like some moar!!!”

B.C. • tonicSky Fan

“You are very talented. Awesome that you are getting back into it- music is so powerful!”

M.D. • tonicSky Fan